Recent Reviews

This past month has witnessed a flood of reviews for The Computer Boys:

From the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing:

“It is to the author’s credit that he has crafted an account that is at once engaging to professional historians of computing and accessible to a wider audience. By liberally injecting colorful anecdotes and pithy quotes into a highly polished analytical narrative, Ensmenger has written one of those rare books that is both scholarly and a pleasure to read.”

From Enterprise and Society:

“one of the most complete histories of computing ever produced and is highly admirable for its attention to detail…”


From the Chartered Institute for IT in the UK:

“I have enjoyed reading this book so much that I could simply republish it ‘verbatim’ as my review – so that you can appreciate every single droplet. It is quite simply a ‘must read’ for any programming type and especially so for those of us who entered the industry from the university or polytechnic milk round of the seventies and beyond. All is revealed!”

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